increase in per session value

11 %

increase in search-led transactions


increase in revenue

Avon’s rich history has been characterized by the success of its personalized 1-1 selling. The company has been synonymous with social selling, spearheading the concept of reps selling cosmetics directly to their personal connections. The growth of online shopping has created an opportunity for a more personalized direct-to-consumer approach. In recent years the brand has made a more conscious effort to enhance its digital function. Avon plans to do this by replicating its personalized 1-1 selling model online, giving customers more choice in how they buy Avon.


Avon needed to improve product discovery by supercharging search 

After building a new website on Shopify, the Avon team found the out-of-the-box search too basic and was not maximising the huge potential of its search interactions. Ecommerce agency, Velstar, recommended Klevu as a way to alleviate this issue and help Avon convert more of its on-site search traffic. 

Klevu’s world-class technology together with its easy-to-use interface and plug-and-play integration with Shopify made it the ideal choice for Avon.