The following is excerpt from the presentation that Klevu CEO, Nilay Oza, delivered at Magento Live Australia in November 2015.

Creating the ideal interaction with online consumers may be more art than science, but Klevu has found ways to make science work in an artful way for online retailers.

As an online retailer you strive to find the best ways to interact with consumers without becoming intrusive. The last thing you want to do is disrupt their shopping  in a negative way. One of the best things you can do is to help them find what they are looking for, quickly and easily.

Shoppers want accurate (structured) responses to unstructured queries. They are used to this with Google and Amazon and expect nothing less from you. When a shopper is searching on your site, it is an ideal moment of interaction for you. It is at this moment that you can enable them, guide their discovery, and help them convert from shopper to customer.

To create a responsive and natural interaction, employ search functionality that…

  • Learns from consumer behavior. With Klevu, the more that the search is used, the more optimized the results become.
  • Understands unstructured, long-tail queries. Klevu is semantic search, which means it understands the nuances of what shoppers type out and how their words relate to your product catalog.
  • Measures the path of discovery.  Klevu provides comprehensive data analysis about the search patterns on your site, the keywords used, and the search-to-purchase conversion. This data can be used to improve your product offering, adjust promotions, organize filters and facets, etc.
  • Searches all content, not just product pages. Klevu can search all of the content on your site so that you can truly use content like blogs and reviews to help sell products.

We are seeing that offline and online shopping are converging into a unified shopping experience. Klevu treats online search as if a sales person in the store is hand holding the shopper to help them find what they want. Our goal is to help you provide a natural interaction with your customers.

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