When you make decisions as an e-commerce manager, who should you make them with?

As an e-commerce manager, you’re always on the look-out for the best software and apps to help you grow your store. With so many solutions to choose from - finding the right one is a difficult task. As you know,  making the wrong choice can cost your e-commerce business valuable time and money.

However, there’s a group of people whose expertise you’re probably missing out on, and it’s affecting your performance as a business. This article will show how you can make better decisions when you start listening to developers.


Why a developer’s perspective is invaluable to you

Different jobs come with different perspectives. Even when faced with the same problem, people will approach them differently depending on their skills and expertise. As an e-commerce manager, you’re going to first consider how a particular solution will benefit the customer. A developer, on the other hand, is going to focus on back-end efficiency and ease of use. Couple them, and you’ve got the perfect team.

When you are choosing between several different apps and integrations for your store, you won’t always have the correct knowledge or skills to understand things like:

  • How easy can this particular solution be integrated into our existing systems?
  • How easy will it be to maintain?
  • Does the solution provider lend adequate support to help developers do their job?
  • Is it clunky or is it going to do exactly what it says it’ll do?

Questions like these can only be properly answered by the people getting hands-on with anything you choose to implement: your developers.


Your developers will stop you from making costly mistakes

If you choose the wrong app, software, or platform for your e-commerce store, you might find yourself locked into a lengthy contract, and stuck with a team of developers that are frustrated and unhappy.

If you ask your developers to look over any possible solutions - or even suggest some themselves - you can avoid making a mistake you’ll regret later on.

Developers have the tools to dig deeper and find out if you’re dealing with a winning solution or a waste of time and money. With their help you can rest assured knowing that your chosen solution doesn’t just look great on paper, it’ll work in practice, too.

Happy developers are better developers

Because there’s a common misconception that developers are only useful as behind-the-scenes workers - great at writing code and not much else - they are often overlooked by the big-picture thinkers. When their input isn’t valued, they frequently end up working with software they don’t like, on projects with problems that are obvious to them, and in a situation, they feel powerless to change.

Situations like this lead to developers becoming unhappy and dissatisfied in their work, and they may eventually move on to an employer, or client, that sees the value in their expertise.

So what can you do about it? Developers are going to respond well to agency employers and e-commerce managers that value everything they have to offer. Whether you hire developers in-house or outsource to an agency, including them in the planning process is going to keep them happy to work with you.

This arrangement helps your store, too. When people have a voice, they are fulfilled and empowered. And empowered workers are more engaged with the work they do for you.

The benefits amplify over time, too. Once you’ve built a reputation as a developer-friendly business, the most talented individuals, and the best agencies, will all be eager to work with you.

They know what’s new and exciting in tech

Developers love technology, and they’re excited by its ever-changing landscape. New developments are springing up all the time, and developers are among the first to know all about them, and what they could mean for your business.

If you’ve built up a good relationship with your developers, they’ll want to help you. They’ll want to share these exciting developments with you, and because they’ll be invested in making the business work, they’re more likely to suggest the best tech for your business.

Trust developers to guide you towards new, innovative technology that will give your business a strong, competitive edge.


If these benefits don’t excite you yet, be reminded that it’s only a simple change, and it costs nothing to try. When you foster open communication between you and the developers you work with, they’ll lead you towards the best and brightest solutions for your business. All it takes is an open mind.

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