This September Klevu exhibited at eCommerce Expo, Olympia London where the spirit of our partners and retailers was truly infectious.

Klevu have come a long way since 2013 and we have grown exponentially because of our strong partnerships and feedback. Key moments from the event included a collaboration with Nosto; our Happy Hour with Shopify Plus and upcoming opportunities with Vaimo, Loyalty Lion and dotmailer. Learning directly from retailers is invaluable and our sales team enjoyed great conversations that will go towards improving our product. 

Our Top 5 Takeaways 

1. Collaboration <> Success 

We collaborated with Nosto Solutions, a fellow Finnish company that uses AI for personalised shopping experiences. Creating our joint booth was a fantastic venture as we mapped out the best of our technologies and branding to create the stand. The open plan layout enabled visitors to move easily between the two of us and hang around on our booth sofas sipping on Yotpo coffee. The transition between Nosto and Klevu made sense given our heritage and it was easy to communicate why we had chosen to work together for this event. Personalisation is increasingly important in engaging consumers and we both share the vision to make this possible. 

2. SWAG takes a turn with interesting foodie bits 

“You’re the one with the donuts” was heard more once on the Klevu-Nosto Stand. “Can I eat the logo?” Yes you can. We paired up with Cross Town donuts because it just made sense. A tasty sugar hit for our eCommerce community, to keep them going throughout the day. You don’t have to carry it around for long either. Or back to the office at the end of the day- we can guarantee that it will be gone. 

3. Remember your roots 

Amidst the task of organising and setting up, it is important to remember why you are there. For Klevu, our mission is to make the most advanced on-site search for all retailers, so we want to learn from our retailers. This is what eCommerce expo was really about for us. Growing as a start-up is fast paced and we were lucky to have our CEO, Nilay Oza there to anchor us in the vision. 

4. Community Spirit 

Do check out the other stands and talks at the expo- we are part of the same community after all. We particularly enjoyed Nosto’s talk on the eCommerce Journey and the personalisation do’s and don’ts from Ometria. Lead Forensics offered punchy pitches on visitor behaviour. Dotmailer enlightened us on the importance of omnichannel. Agencies offered insightful input on creating the best-of-best stack to make the most of your eCommerce store. Thanks to adTech London, Technology for Marketing and IMRG for an awesome event! 

5. One-to-one wins

It’s not all about you. Engaging one-to-one meetings and chance conversations left us feeling more inspired than ever to optimise search. From the fashion- focussed team at Heidi Klein to B2B equipment company Mad Supplies, we enjoyed learning from a range of retailers. 

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand and to all those who contributed towards the organisation of the event. And finally, the 12,000 of you who attended the expo!


See you next year! 

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