In this article, learn how on-site search offers powerful opportunities to strengthen your brand and build its reputation.

In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by businesses vying for their attention, building an e-commerce brand that stands out can feel like a struggle. But on-site search can be your secret weapon. 

Here’s one big reason why you shouldn’t neglect it … Shoppers who use on-site search are 216% more likely to convert than other users. So extending your brand strategy to on-site search will create a positive brand image in the minds of your top-converting audience. 

Promote Compelling and Informative Content in On-Site Search

One of the best ways to strengthen your brand’s reputation is to educate your audience through informative content that aligns with your product, brand voice and target audience.

The right content at the right time helps to build trust in your brand and guide shoppers through the sales funnel, serving their needs and giving them a great personalized customer experience. 

Including and promoting non-product content (as well as product results) in on-site search gives customers easy access to resources that can help them in their journey to purchase.

Skincare brand Pai Skincare utilizes Klevu to promote informative blogs within their on-site search. A customer searching for “oily skin” will be presented with advice on skincare in relevant blogs as well as products, GiFs and images to help make products pop.

pai skincare

Making sure shoppers have easy access to informative content which helps them with their specific needs shows that you care about your customers and know what you’re talking about — both of which build the reputation of your brand.

Search Data Helps you Make Better Brand Decisions

In one of our recent blogs, we looked at how combining Google Analytics, Klevu analytics and SEO can boost your marketing. The same data can be used to inform decisions about how to showcase your brand and help to strengthen your customer experience.

Analyzing how shoppers engage with your brand in search can help you figure out what’s working and what’s failing. Statistics in the Klevu Merchant Center (KMC) include: 

  • Top keywords, so you can learn what your customers are searching for and cater to them better over time, by promoting those keywords.
  • Search locations, so you can learn where search terms are coming from in the world and tailor your keyword and marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Which search terms lead to conversions.

Learning which search terms convert is an especially useful nugget. This data can inform which language to use in your brand messages and promotions. By mirroring your customers’ word choices in your own content, you’re more likely to grab their attention and come across as authentic.


missy empire

Fashion retailer Missy Empire is a great example of on-site search data in action. Instead of using a generic “no results found” message, they customized their on-site search to match their brand messaging. Missy Empire uses language to suit their audience: “Sorry babe we are not able to find “…” right now”. And they’ve taken the opportunity to further promote products (“STUFF YOU WILL LOVE”) as well as showing popular searches with a customized, on-brand banner.

As well as discovering your top keywords that drive revenue for your business, you can learn about the products your customers want to buy, that you don’t yet offer. OCO Glasses discovered their customers were searching for types of designer sunglasses that they didn't stock, and took the decision to introduce new product lines onto their website. Thanks to Klevu's on-site search, they were able to identify and introduce a new revenue stream for their business.

oco glasses

Why not re-evaluate your own product offering by analyzing on-site search data to see if shoppers are searching for products that you don’t stock? If you see a pattern, then ask yourself if your brand would be stronger by giving customers what they’re asking for.

It’s All About the Customer Experience

You’ll already know how important your customer experience is for building and maintaining a quality brand reputation. One-third of consumers will choose not to return to a brand if they suffer just one bad experience –– so getting the customer journey right is crucial.

Utilizing on-site search does more than just provide an additional platform for promoting your brand. It enhances the user and customer experience of your site. 

In fact, a great search encounter helps convert customers by helping them find exactly what they’re looking for — smoothly and quickly, removing any barriers to purchase. 

Put simply, smart, AI-driven search offers convenience — something that 43% of consumers will pay more to get. As a result, shoppers will associate your brand with a happy and easy experience, meaning they’re more likely to return.

Final Thoughts …

Building a solid reputation for your brand is no easy task, but on-site search offers a golden opportunity. For best results, combine promoting brand-focused content in search results with making sure the search experience itself is as good as it can be. Building a positive experience and reputation creates the right conditions for customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing — and you’ll see your brand soar.

Are you interested in tools to improve your on-site search? At Klevu, we deliver smart, powerful search for your online store. To find out more, visit our blog or schedule a demo.