Fluid Digital is one of the largest independent Magento and e-commerce growth based agencies in the North of England. We recently caught up with Joshua Hobson, Marketing Manager at Fluid Digital for the latest news and expertise at the agency. And where he sees e-commerce heading over the next few years.

1. Hi Joshua, great to have you with us. Tell us about Fluid Digital?

Fluid Digital is an award-winning e-commerce growth agency based in Manchester with over 10 years of e-commerce experience, specialising in the Magento platform. We unlock the power of Magento to build online stores that brands and customers love, and use a combination of PPC, Amazon marketing and conversion rate optimisation to increase sales and drive growth. 

We are champions of e-commerce growth. We work with ambitious, high-growth retailers to create online shopping experiences and campaigns that deliver ecommerce success.

2. What sets you apart from other growth agencies? Any special areas of expertise?

We are one of the only agencies in the UK with both Magento Solution Partner and Google Premier Partner status and we are one of the largest independent Magento and e-commerce agencies in the North, as a direct result from the investment in the team and dedication to e-commerce success. 

We have Magento specialists across our team and we know the platform inside-out, but we also extend our specialisms across Amazon, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising with our performance marketing team. 

We have seen a repositioning towards an e-commerce growth agency this year, a challenge within a crowded e-commerce space, but we have seen tremendous success with our increasing client roster, expansion of the team and a new office.

3. Why did you choose to partner with Klevu?

We work with the best-in-class partners and Klevu’s intelligent search functionality has been key for a number of our clients in improving conversion and driving growth. 

4. Name 3 words that describe the future of e-commerce?

Global. Streamlined. Intelligent.

5. If your agency was an animal, what animal would it be and why?

Let’s go with a dolphin. We’re intelligent, playful, resourceful and sociable.  

6. What consumer trends are you beginning to pick up on, that you see affecting the future of e-commerce?

Internationalisation is a big one for our clients, especially as they grow. The complexities that begin to come into play with the global market need extra attention, both on-site and off-site.

7. What would you say to online retailers that have not used an agency like yours before?

We partner well with all of our clients, which is not always the case with agencies. We invite you to events, we go for drinks, we have regular workshops and status meetings in the office, and we’re always on-hand. The relationship between an agency and a retailer can be a tough one to crack but the key is to be friendly, approachable and to know your stuff. 

8. Moving onto trends within e-commerce - AI and Machine Learning are buzz words we hear alot. How do you think this is changing the way that customers shop?

It goes back to the future of e-commerce we mentioned earlier - global, streamlined and intelligent. Customers are expecting the right products and messaging shown to them at the right time in the right place. Customers just don’t have the patience for retailers who don’t do this. Our attention span just isn’t there!

9. What’s your one recommendation to retailers who want to maintain a strong online presence?

They need a strategy for their site to keep this maintained and updated with the latest technologies and functionalities, but they also need to drive relevant traffic to their site through targeted paid search to make sure you get the right customers to buy your products. 

It’s also definitely worth exploring an Amazon strategy to increase your market share and maintain that strong presence. With Amazon’s powerful paid advertising tools within the platform, retailers have the potential to find success faster and easier than ever before on the platform. 

10. What are some of the things you are most excited about for the future of e-commerce?

We’re excited to see how retailers are using technology to grow their online business, whether this is their platform choice, intelligent search, personalisation, loyalty, delivery, payments and more. Many of our retailers are streamlining their tech stack and finally removing their legacy systems, and are now seeing incredible success because of the agility that this new smart technology is giving them. Magento 2 is a key example of this, as many retailers migrate from Magento 1, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce or more.

Joshua Hobson

Joshua Hobson | Marketing Manager at Fluid Digital

Thanks, Joshua!

- Amy

For more information about Fluid Digital, get in touch  here.  Klevu currently partners with Fluid Digital and these retailers: All Pond Solutions, ChloBo and Moda Furnishings. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Fluid Digital and working together in the future. 

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