1. Tell us about Statement?

Statement started its journey as an internal team who grew a multi million pound retail business, and today are a leading Shopify Plus partner agency working with high growth D2C brands across the Food & Beverage, Health & Lifestyle, Home & Interiors and Fashion markets. Our team of 20+ experts is growing, fully in-house and here to build businesses on the Shopify Plus platform, not just websites. We have over 20 years of eCommerce experience having been in the digital space since 1999, and now work with the likes of Neom Organics and Hotel Chocolat. We are based in the heart of Leeds City Centre and have offices across the rest of the UK including London, Harrogate and Manchester. Statement have recently celebrated their one year anniversary of joining the IDHL Group, a powerhouse of 7 connected agencies. We now offer a full digital service to our client base; SEO, PPC, PR, email marketing and content marketing across our wider group.


2. What sets you apart from other agencies? Any special areas of expertise? 


The Shopify Plus ecosystem is fast moving and there’s a lot of choice, but Statement is set apart by our retailer origins and collective 20+ years of experience working in the client’s shoes. We know firsthand what frustrations can come alongside partnering with agencies, and what it takes to grow a successful business, and we aren’t complacent in our approach. We work with our clients to continuously innovate and optimise working to long term strategies. We go above and beyond using our wider operational background, providing a well rounded growth mindset.


3. What are some of the things you are most excited about for the future of ecommerce? 


A shift we’re seeing right now is the likes of Amazon versus the high growth independent D2Cs. There is a trend of retailers moving away from global giants, and taking back control of their sales and marketing. As retailers are empowered by the Saas solution we’re excited to help our clients grow and make the most of the platform.


4. If your agency was an animal - what animal would it be and why? 


Good question. We would say an eagle - we’re wise, strong and the challenger. We’re aiming for the top spot!


5. What would you say to online retailers that have not used an agency like yours before? 


This is an important nut to crack as there are benefits to working with freelancers, or having your own in-house team. We advise new clients working with an agency like Statement is the right step when you are ready to invest in long term growth, whether that is internationalisation or expanding your omnichannel avenues. We carefully research our client’s business decisions, just as we would our own. You can expect strategy, scalability and structure working with us.


6. What’s next in e-commerce? 


We expect to see great advancements across headless commerce, AR, AI search and personalisation. Headless is our favourite hot topic and our own Statement website recently re-launched on headless.


7. What are some of the most overlooked elements of a website that you find to be of importance? 


Merchants, and agencies alike, can underestimate the importance of building for scale. It is important to thoroughly scope the best technology integrations for each individual business to ensure all systems speak to each other and are working in harmony. We hear too often internal teams are having to manually process information which makes them less agile and quick to react, but with the right solution you can be adaptable, quick and innovative.


8. Tell me about one of your biggest success stories? 


We can’t name names due to confidentiality, but one of our key clients broke some real records this peak trading season - turning over four months worth of revenue in a single weekend. We replatformed the business from Magento to Shopify Plus earlier in 2019 and now we’re collectively setting our sights on US expansion! We see these success stories through many of our clients and it’s great to be a key part of their efforts in driving retail innovation.

For more information about Statement agency, get in touch here . We love working with Statement and look forward to working together in 2020. 

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