Executive Summary

However great your traffic, however beautiful your storefront ... if your customers aren’t finding the products they want — and fast — then you’ll never truly optimize conversion. Let this article bring you up to speed with the very latest in product discoverability techniques, essential for any modern e-commerce brand.

We’ll take a look at four savvy brands working with Klevu to ensure that when a highly motivated customer lands on their site, they never leave frustrated, or worse, empty-handed.

From manually boosting high-converting products to saving your mobile shoppers’ thumbs with autocomplete, you’ll get a better understanding of how product discovery can elevate your store’s browsing experience, and bottom line.

Read on to learn how to take full advantage of four of Klevu’s top features and start improving your product discoverability today.

You’re working hard to drive traffic to your e-commerce store — discover how to optimize on-site search and get more sales across the line.

Pat yourself on the back. In the crowded, competitive world of e-commerce, you’ve succeeded in bringing a highly-motivated customer — with a clear intention to make a purchase — to your store. 

On-site search is your strongest ally in getting this sale across the conversion finish line. By leveraging Klevu’s key features, you can optimize product discovery and transform your conversion rate. 


1. Take Control of Product Prominence in Search Results

Win the popularity contest by using Klevu to boost your highest-converting products within a collection page. This is done by manually assigning a numerical score (1 - 999) to individual products so they’re weighted differently in search results.

You can also grow sales by placing these high-converting products at the top of search result pages. With keyword-based product exclusions, you can even remove certain products from search results pages when necessary.

These smart features eliminate what could otherwise be very time-consuming tasks. You can choose to promote products based on your own promotional rules, or sit back and let Klevu’s AI decide.

Klevu also allows merchants to redirect shoppers to promotional pages when specific keywords are searched. Babiesrus South Africa is one example.

Get Started:  Learn more about configuring your product boosting rules here. 


2. Take the Strain out of Search With Autocomplete

Speed up sales from the first keystroke. Klevu’s Autocomplete feature is an essential part of your toolbox when it comes to user experience and conversions. It produces rich, insightful product suggestions through query processing from the very first character. This reassures customers from the moment they begin typing a search query that they’re on the right track. 

Klevu’s machine learning technology also adds a degree of personalization to its autocomplete feature. It “understands” user intent more effectively and actively works to ensure the results served up align with customer intent.

Klevu’s Instant Search feature kicks it up a notch. From the moment a shopper types a character into the search bar they see recommended products visually displayed as a gallery of images in real-time, as shown by Toys R Us South Africa. 

Get Started:  Learn more about Autocomplete here. 



3. Deploy Zero Character Product Suggestions

Why wait for your customer’s input, when you could make the first (educated) move? When your goal is to boost sales to the max, you can leverage Klevu’s Trending Searches feature to accelerate the buying process. Klevu can prompt consumers with product suggestions as soon as they click on the search bar — before typing a single character. As seen on Puma Turkey, this creates a relationship with shoppers from the moment they interact with search. 

Klevu’s search algorithm identifies trending products by looking at real customer searches and selecting the products clicked on most often and those that lead to conversions. 

Get Started:  Learn more about Trending Searches here. 


4. Benefit From Automatic Catalog Processing

Customers don’t always know precisely what keywords they should use when searching for products. Often, multiple customers searching for the same product will enter different search queries into the search bar. 

Klevu addresses this issue by automatically adding contextually relevant synonyms across the entire existing catalog. There’s no manual data effort from the merchant. This expands search cover threefold, boosting the odds of a customer finding exactly what they’re looking for. No more losing out on sales because customers didn’t know the exact search terms to use.

ColourPop is a great example of a Klevu client optimizing this feature. When “brown eyeshadow” is typed into the search bar, a wide variety of relevant eyeshadow shades available with varying product names are displayed.

Get Started:  Learn more about Automatic Catalog processing here. 



Some of your most highly-motivated customers will be initiating search-led journeys. Poor search results will frustrate and drive away what should have been certain sales. You need your store’s on-site search to make it as easy as pie for them to discover products they’re going to want to buy. 

By leveraging Klevu’s product discovery features you can provide shoppers with the best possible experience, and stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about how you can optimize Klevu to boost sales, schedule a live demo.