There’s a wide range of search solutions on the market, but there’s only one which truly caters for enterprise level merchants…

There’s a growing number of personalized on-site search solutions available on the market today. Many implement search enrichment techniques by utilizing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. But, only a small portion of these products are robust enough to be enterprise-ready. 

In this article we introduce some of Klevu’s key features  which enables our product to successfully take larger e-commerce brands to the next level and boost sales as a result.  

Enterprise Level Support & On-boarding

While plug-and-play search solutions are great for smaller merchants, larger scale brands require a more bespoke approach with careful and strategic planning.  From recognizing the needs for enterprise level support, Klevu offers a full comprehensive on-boarding process to ensure e-commerce teams are supported every step of the way. 


Klevu offers a number of different packages for enterprise merchants. Our most extensive Enterprise package includes:

  • Managed technical on-boarding 
  • Index optimization support 
  • A dedicated cloud server 
  • Analytics consulting 
  • Unlimited storage of search data
  • Data sync support
  • Priority customer privileges for new issues
  • Search optimization support

Klevu  also offers an extra implementation assistance on a case by case basis if needed. 


Our enterprise on-boarding process has evolved from many merchant integrations and includes guidance on the following:

  • Auditing your current search
  • Klevu Merchant Center (KMC) training and user set up
  • Identifying and implementing rule-based merchandising
  • Creating custom Synonyms
  • Product level boosting
  • Keyword based promotions
  • Dynamic promo banners
  • and more…

You can learn more about the on-boarding process in our guide: The 14 Day Playbook.


Application Programming Interface (API)

One of the key features of Klevus’ product is the flexibility it offers merchants. We understand that every business model is slightly different and often nuanced. 

We have built our platform with this in mind and not only made almost every aspect customizable but we also provide a programming toolset to allow merchants and developers to decide how they wish to implement Klevu.

APIs provide a way in which merchants can programmatically interact with search data - both in a push and pull model. The goal is to provide an open interface to Klevu’s core components in order to allow for this flexibility.  Although Klevu does provide a number of different ‘plug and play’ solutions for Magento 1 & 2, Shopify and Shopify Plus, we also provide a set of well documented APIs.

With the adoption of headless e-commerce sites utilizing technologies such as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) such endpoints become fundamental to the architecture of a site. Klevu aims to provide a clean interface for ANY application to interact with the service through “GET”, “POST” and “PUT” requests.

The current available APIs are listed below:

Indexing API

Every single record (e.g. a product, cms page etc.) sent to Klevu servers is managed in a dedicated index of the respective store. The Indexing API is useful for adding, updating and/or deleting records from this index.

Searching API

Depending on what details you want Klevu Search servers to return in a response to your query, you can use any one of the Search API methods to search in your index.

Analytics API

Klevu’s Analytics API methods can be used for reporting search queries and querying search insights.

Category Navigation

You can use Klevu’s Category Navigation API methods to retrieve products for your individual categories, where the order of products is decided by the Klevu’s trend-driven intelligent algorithms. API methods can promote records of specific categories and attributes.

For more information, please see our API documentation.


Product Resilience

We respect the importance of uptime and availability when it comes to e-commerce, especially at an enterprise level. 

We know that a loss of connectivity when it comes to 3rd party apps is a risk that needs to be considered when introducing new externally-driven features. 

We have built Klevu to not only remain extremely responsive and fast but Klevu is designed in an error tolerant and secure way. 

For example, a common issue is unauthorized parties attempting to maliciously disrupt search availability. One manifestation of a malicious attack is a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDOS) where by a single entity floods the system with requests. Klevu is designed to mitigate the risks of this at both an integration level as well as within the Klevu back end. 

Enterprise SaaS products need to be built with security in mind which is why we have designed Klevu to be resilient with attacks or misuse. 

Our software will block bots making spoof search requests so that it does not impact your search data and analytics. Equally, a spike in traffic from one merchant cannot impact other merchants so you can rest assured that the Klevu platform will remain stable at all times. 

Edge locations via CDN

In e-commerce, seconds count. Even with fast connection speeds from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), latency between the web server running your online store and a 3rd party app can have a potential impact on end user performance. 

For this reason, we have designed our solution to deliver search results and API responses in the fastest possible time. We achieve this through the use of edge location caching to ensure assets and data delivered to the end user are done so from a geographically close location.

Further to this we deliver all required Javascript, CSS and images over a CDN with around 97% of all requests being served from a geographically close server location. The result, super fast results with minimal latency. 

We have servers in every corner of the world so we can dynamically select the best location based on the end user’s requirement. 

More information on this can be found here.


Although this is not an exhaustive list of features that make Klevu ideal for enterprise merchants, it illustrates some compelling reasons to select Klevu as your enterprise on-site search partner. 

Klevu will not only provide an extensive and stable platform but we will also help with the adoption of a new search service from an operational and logistical standpoint. 

We can assist with upskilling your team and ensure that they have everything they need to harness the power of Klevu for your enterprise e-commerce business. 

To find out more, submit a demo request here.