Klevu's latest research reveals that most ecommerce websites including Glossier, Jack Wills, Flannels, Game, Mountain Warehouse and more are not prepared for the next phase of conversational commerce.

Download this 25-page report and access a comprehensive review of 50 major UK retailers over 40 criteria including mobile search, voice search and natural language processing, personalisation, product recommendations and more.

Ecommerce Discovery Report

Klevu has ranked retailers in this report using the Ecommerce Discovery Index, designed to help retailers simplify product discovery for shoppers.


Executive Summary

Industry research into product discovery methods on retailers websites reveals that there are usability and accessibility issues with the search experience on 80% of UK ecommerce websites. The main issues surround the ability to process complex or natural language phrases such as those involving price range or product attributes, or handle misspellings.
In the most critical cases, 26% of ecommerce websites couldn’t process simple misspellings and were unable to return relevant results and 30% showed zero results when faced with a complex query. This signifies that a vast majority of retailers are unprepared for the future of product discovery, including voice search, bots, and other zero interface interactions.
Table of contents
  • Introduction from Nilay Oza, Klevu CEO and Co-Founder
  • All 50 retailers included in the research
  • About the research including a deep dive into the criteria built with advice from James Gurd, ecommerce consultant
  • Natural language and voice shopping trends
  • Product Discovery and Usability
  • Product Recommendations and Personalisation
  • Retailer ranking: Top 10 and Bottom 10
  • Access to get a Free Product Discovery Audit