AI-powered product discovery case study

Learn how LSE Retail achieved 30x ROI and a 15% uplift in conversion

What’s inside?

LSE Retail team found that manual merchandising was taking up a lot of time and the team were unable to keep up with re-merchandising for trends and campaigns.

Having used Klevu’s Smart On-site Search, the merchant was already familiar with the instant uplift Klevu's AI magic can bring.

LSE Retail wanted to:

  • Maximise the efforts of their small team - be able to easily and quickly react
  • Automate merchandising yet keep strategic control
  • Produce scalable and repeatable success

Klevu helped LSE provide a relevant product discovery experience for customers.


Who is Klevu

Through AI and NLP-powered discovery technology, Klevu enables merchants to deliver hyper-relevant, personalized product discovery experiences powered by real-time shopper intent.

Klevu’s AI Discovery Suite includes on-site Smart Search and Smart Category Merchandising. For more information or to learn more, schedule a demo with our awesome product specialists today.


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