increase in sessions with search


increase in results page views via search


increase in search-led conversion

Made.com redefined the process of finding good quality furniture, connecting the designers and manufacturers of the furniture directly with consumers, lowering the cost to their customers. 

Prior to introducing Klevu, Made.com were using the native search facility built into their existing ecommerce platform. As with many out-of-the-box solutions, it did not have the functionality needed to maximise results from search.

The application of AI machine learning and advanced NLP through integrating Klevu has resulted in an immediate improvement to the search console. The UX is better, with improved relevancy of search results - and as a result Made.com has seen an increase in conversions from search, as well as:

  • 10% increase in sessions with search
  • 5% increase in conversion Rate when using search
  • 12% decrease in search exits, meaning results were meaningful
  • 20% decrease in search refinements, meaning results were more relevant
  • 15% increase in result pages views per search
  • 15% increase in average search depth