increase in use of search


increase in conversion rate through search


increase in search-led revenue

Monin continues to innovate and introduce new distinctive flavors to kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops and bars worldwide. The Monin mission is to provide creative beverage and culinary flavor solutions, and needed more advanced capabilities to offer a friendly visual and search solution to provide shoppers with ideas on how to use the Monin products.

The Monin team needed a solution that could help them:

  • Highlight gourmet flavored syrup products.
  • Showcase recipes for all different flavors offered.
  • Create an immersive content experience for shoppers.
  • Offer a better customer experience and provide a recipe service online that complements products.
  • Create an on-brand experience without big development cost or overhead.


Content plus commerce, the perfect mixer

With Klevu, Monin displays recipes within a custom quick search alongside products,  providing a great opportunity to upsell products by inspiring shoppers with ideas about how to use Monin products.