increase in pages per session


more time on site spent by shoppers


higher conversion from paid traffic

With a focus on craftsmanship, Postery specialises in art prints and frames. Postery was founded by Sebastian Johansson, who started his first business at the age of 18. He fell in love with ecommerce and loved the potential reach and connection. So, he co-founded Postery with Sebastian Wallén in Sweden in 2018 with a goal of bringing high quality art prints with the Scandinavian aesthetic into homes worldwide at an affordable price.

Postery invested tens of millions into paid marketing from 2020 and has seen rapid expansion. The biggest markets for Postery are Sweden, Germany, UK, US, France and Australia and the brand continues to grow quickly using its tried and tested direct-to-consumer global expansion playbook, which involves heavy ad spend and website optimization.

One of the most critical factors that businesses consider when looking for levers to drive growth is improved website conversion, which is a key revenue driver for a DTC brand such as Postery, with high-growth plans.

Before implementing Klevu, shoppers were coming to the website and were unable to browse the large catalogue effectively using search. The small Postery team was trying to manually tag products within the Magento platform, which was very time consuming, and impossible to keep up with as sessions continued to rise. This meant a lower return on ad spend and slower growth.