increase in page value


increase in value of each session


increase in site-wide conversion rate

Roolee is a fashion and home brand all about fostering a happy and healthy work-life balance. By using Klevu Smart Search plus Smart Recommendations, the team were able to stop manually merchandising product recommendations, and win back some “me time”.

Roolee had already been using Klevu Smart Search for years, and trusted the consistency and relevancy. Once they switched on Smart Recommendations, the results quickly cemented their choice to leave manual merchandising behind, and rely on Klevu AI to automate product recommendations based on shopper intent from search.

You see, Klevu knew the context of the Roolee store so well, it was able to achieve:

  • 9% increase in ‘add to cart’
  • 15% increase in product revenue
  • 55% increase in page value
  • 23% increase in site-wide conversion rate
  • 14% increase in AOV
  • 41% increase in per session value