Product Discovery Unlocked: 
Six Sessions To Improve 
On-Site Search And Navigation


Ready to unlock what a sophisticated on-site search and navigation journey looks like? Our e-commerce strategists have launched successful discoveries on top brands like Puma, ColourPop, ToysRUs, Manduka & Bulletproof. Dive into our six video sessions to help you understand one of the easiest ways to help your customers find the products they want to buy, reduce bounce rates and improve your conversion rates.

Unlock the secrets
to a top-notch discovery
journey on August 11th


Access weekly sessions

Six Sigma: Episode 1

Episode 1: Why is Product Discovery So Important?

Tuesday, 11th August

Six Sigma: Episode 2

Episode 2: Connecting with your Shoppers: Uncovering the Power of AI Search and Navigation

Tuesday, 18th August

Six Sigma: Episode 3

Episode 3: Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Engine Behind the Product Discovery

Tuesday, 25th August

Six Sigma: Episode 4

Episode 4: Easy Does It- How Automation can Simplify your Day

Tuesday, 1st September

Six Sigma: Episode 5

Episode 5: Create Brand Loyalty and Trust with Search

Tuesday, 8th September

Six Sigma: Episode 6

Episode 6: Klevu Insider: Unlocking The Potential of Product Discovery

Tuesday, 15th September